Reasons to Book a Minimoon in the UK

Reasons to Book a Minimoon in the UK

What is a Mini-Moon and Why You Need One

Your wedding is a day you will never forget but planning it can be draining in more ways than one. A minimoon could just be the break you need before planning a proper time consuming and sometimes expensive honeymoon.

The Lead Up to Your Wedding

In the lead up to your wedding, physically, you are running around to appointments with vendors and shopping for the right items, choosing your wedding cars and picking flowers. Mentally, you are keeping track of what has been done and what is yet to be checked off the list. Emotionally, you are preparing for this momentous occasion. If that’s not enough, financially you might be feeling the pinch.

A minimoon can help you and your partner to escape from it all, either during the wedding planning or after you have tied the knot.

What is a Mini-Moon?

It is a long weekend of luxury that is usually close to home, but far enough away so you feel like you are taking a break from the rat race, many people choose to take a mini moon in a log cabin in the country side and some even take camping trips to completely close off from the hustle and bustle of wedding planning.

Not only is this a great way to recharge your batteries and spend some romantic, quality time together, but it is also a lot cheaper than heading off to exotic honeymoon destinations for a couple of weeks or more.

Instead of spending hours at an airport waiting for flights or road tripping for extended periods of time, you can escape to a spa or a boutique country hotel, head into the hinterland for some fresh air, or make a beeline for the big city to enjoy the bustling night life.

Like a honeymoon, a minimoon can be whatever you both desire, here are our four reasons why you should choose a mini-moon…

1. No Pressure

Husbands and brides-to-be often have a mammoth spread sheet to tackle their wedding planning, covering everything they need to book or buy, payment dates and what’s left in their budget. It’s no secret that weddings can be expensive, so why add to the stress with an all-out honeymoon too? Take a minimoon after the wedding instead to cut costs and take the pressure off so you can enjoy the planning rather than worry about it and wait to take a honeymoon later in the year.

2. Serious Bonding Time

Just you, your partner and scenery that is idyllic and romantic. What more do you need? If you are escaping before the wedding, it will give you an opportunity to check in with one another about how you are both feeling. If you are newlyweds, you can take time to absorb the huge milestone you have just celebrated and start to look forward to the future.

3. Go Somewhere Special

This applies to both your minimoon after the wedding and a honeymoon if you choose to take one later. By choosing a minimoon in the UK, you can visit somewhere that has meaning to your relationship as a couple and relive all those wonderful memories as you begin your married life. You can, of course, go somewhere short-haul on your minimoon too if that special place is abroad.  If you choose a minimoon after the wedding and postpone your full-blown honeymoon until a few months later, you give yourselves the opportunity to save up again, creating the budget for a trip of a lifetime that you might not have had when paying for your wedding costs as well. It also means you can easily put wedding gift money towards the cost of your honeymoon, without having to fork out the deposits yourself first.

4. Get that newlywed feeling for longer

By taking a minimoon first before planning your honeymoon for a few months later, you get to enjoy the feeling of newly-wedded bliss for longer. Of course, the love you share won’t wear off after the wedding but going on your honeymoon later is guaranteed to bring back all the beautiful feelings and memories of the day. After getting used to your regular routine again for a while, it’s lovely to indulge in the special treatment and romance that honeymoons bring.

If you’re planning your own UK-based minimoon and need transport, Azure Wedding Cars can provide our chauffeur service for your transfers or throughout the duration of your trip. Take a look at our Services page for more information, or send an email to to discuss your requirements.