The Wedding Day

Wedding Day

Azure can take care of all your wedding transport requirements.

When you book any of our luxury wedding cars, your chauffeur can perform all of the following journeys as part of your wedding day package, and ensure you reach your destination calm and composed.

The Groom's wedding car

With Azure you get a powerful groom’s car included in your wedding day package – at no extra cost! Allow Azure to chauffeur the groom and best man to the ceremony venue for a stress-free morning where everything runs smoothly.

We will collect from where the groom and his best man are staying, and take them on a memorable journey to the wedding ceremony in one of our high-powered cars. The Bentley Arnage has a twin-turbo 6750cc V8 engine that accelerates to 60 mph in 5.5 seconds – which is similar to an Aston Martin of the same age!

When the groom has arrived at the ceremony with plenty of time for him and his groomsmen to assist with guests and prepare for the bride’s arrival; we will then go on to the bridal house for the next journey.

The Bridesmaid's Journey in the wedding car

Next in the wedding journey to arrive at the ceremony venue are the bridesmaids and mother-of-the-bride. Azure will chauffeur the bridal party so that they are ready and waiting for the arrival of the bride to assist her in making the perfect entrance.

If the journey is too long between the bride’s house and the ceremony, or the bride would like them to travel with her, then a second wedding car can be booked.

The Bridal Journey

Finally, Azure will chauffeur the bride and her escort to the wedding ceremony. Years of experience allow our chauffeurs to give expert assistance on how to enter and exit her bridal car so that she continues to look immaculate on her arrival at the ceremony.

Bride and Groom's wedding car journey

Included within Azure’s wedding day package is a chauffeur-driven scenic journey for the bride and groom from the ceremony to the wedding reception. This can last about half an hour and during the journey they can make use of Azure’s Champagne service which includes the provision of a Champagne table, flutes and chiller, along with the serving of Champagne supplied to Azure by the wedding party.

If the newly-wed couple would like to, they can also stop-off for a photo shoot at a favourite location or picturesque setting, where their photographer can capture some memorable shots. As with all of Azure’s wedding day Package, there is no additional charge for this service, regardless of the time it takes.