Planning A Destination Wedding

Planning A Destination Wedding

Things To Consider When Planning A Destination Wedding

Things That You Need To Know

It doesn’t matter whether you are planning to have a beach wedding, or you want to book the cheapest possible wedding destination abroad, we want to help you plan your wedding abroad. The average wedding in the UK costs over 30,000 but a lot of weddings abroad can be as cheap as 7,000, making them the perfect choice for couples on a budget. So, here are our top things to consider when planning a destination wedding:

Hire A Local Wedding Planner

The first thing that we recommend is hiring a wedding planner. Research who organises weddings in your chosen destination and ask them about the different types of services that they offer and discuss how much you have to spend before you start planning a destination wedding. Taking everything on your own shoulders and planning everything yourself is usually the way to go on home soil, but there can be a lot of roadblocks when you are planning your wedding abroad. Ask them if they will handle all legal elements for you; they should be able to liaise with local suppliers and get you the best deals possible. A good wedding planner will already have established relationships with local suppliers and can usually obtain better deals than you going directly to the supplier.

Secure Transport Early

Your wedding planner should sort all of this out for you, but if you do not want to spend the money on hiring a wedding planner, this is something that you should consider. It’s quite simple to do this, simply contact the company and discuss their prices and availability; in the most popular destinations, wedding chauffeurs may be booked up for years in advance, so it’s important to secure your transport as early as possible.

Visit Your Destination

You shouldn’t even think about booking anything for your destination wedding before you have visited the location yourself. Travel to the location, speak to wedding suppliers and find out exactly what is possible within the time and the budget that you have to work with; it is very unlikely that you will be able to take your own hairdresser and make-up artist with you, so find out who will be doing your hair and make-up on the day and even ask for a trial run, if possible.

Book As Early As Possible

With everything said, you should really try and book things as early as possible to secure the best deals. As the saying goes, ‘the early bird catches the worm’, and this couldn’t be truer when booking things for your wedding. Taking care of hotels, venues and flights a short while before your planned date can save huge amounts of money, especially as hotels often increase their prices according to demand.

Check If You Can Take Your Dress As Hand Luggage

Most airlines will allow brides to take their wedding dress as hand luggage, but you should contact the airline directly before booking your flights. If you are not allowed to take your wedding dress and other clothing in your hand luggage and you have met your suitcase capacity, freight companies and other shipping businesses may be able to help. These companies can be contacted ahead of time before the event to schedule and arrange everything that you need to be transported. They will ensure that your belongings are delivered to your location in a safe and secure manner. If interested to learn more about freight and logistics services, you could try this out here.

Use A Reputable Booking Company

Booking through a reputable booking company means that you are protected from unpredictable incidents such as last-minute cancellations. In some cases, alternative flights and accommodation can be found if you are let down when you need it the most. Booking the flights to your destination wedding can leave you open to disappointment if the worst does happen.

Don’t Forget Your Documents

We recommend allowing a lot of time to sort out the marriage paperwork (It can sometimes take up to six months to complete, depending on the country!). There are also a few other important documents that you need when planning a destination wedding. In most cases, you will need to present documents including birth certificates and valid passports upon arrival.

It’s also vital that you check the period of time that you must be present in the country before you can get married; some countries even require you to have a visa, and it is your responsibility to ensure you have them if necessary.

Check If Your Destination Wedding Is Legal

You should really check that getting married in your country of choice will be legally recognised when you return to Britain. Contact the foreign embassy and consulate and check everything, and take spare copies of each piece of documentation that you need.

Most Importantly, Enjoy It

When you have sorted everything for your destination wedding, the only thing left to do is enjoy it. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the stress of planning your wedding (if you choose not to hire a local wedding planner) and it can overshadow your special day. Enjoy your wedding day and have a brilliant time wherever you choose to get married.

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