Are You Wedding Ready?

Are You Wedding Ready?

Are You Wedding Ready?

Wedding Checklist

When it comes to your wedding day, every wedding celebration is different; each ceremony will incorporate each couples individual tastes and requirements. Each wedding day is unique and is a magical time celebrating a couple tying the knot.

Every bride or groom will have their own ideas for what their wedding should be like and how they’d like the day to flow from start to finish. Your wedding day is going to be one of the most memorable days of your life. They’re full of love, laughter and all of your family and friends. Planning a wedding will take a lot of time and patience, but that doesn’t mean that this part can’t be fun too.

There are several things to remember. It is not only about getting the right dress, makeup artists, and other essential accessories like a pheromones perfume, but also being very organised. A wedding for just a handful of people will still cost a lot and take so much time to plan, therefore it is important to think about your budget, transport and accommodation for your relatives and friends that you haven’t seen for years.

Set Your Budget

First and foremost, it is important to discuss a budget for your big day. Talk about how much you can both afford and how much you will be able to save over the coming months. If you think your parents may be able to help then speak to them in the early planning stages, then you will know exactly what you can and can’t afford.

Not planning a wedding budget can lead to financial stress and disappointment further down the line.

By taking these points into consideration, it’s clear that a wedding day isn’t the easiest thing to plan and organise, but don’t panic. Stay organised, remember your guests, photography, transport and appearance and you’ll find that all the pieces of the puzzle start slotting together nicely.

The Perfect Wedding Venue

It’s time to lock down the date. Now that you have your budget sorted, it’s important to put a deposit down on your dream venue; your wedding venue determines your wedding date, location and maximum guest numbers, so it’s important that venue hunting is high on your list!

When it comes to your venue, it is also important to think about other important factors, such as: does your venue need to have accommodation for those family members travelling from afar? Do you want to use your own caterers? These factors play a much larger role than you think, in determining which wedding venue you choose.

Create Your Guest List

Honestly, your guest list is something that you’ve probably already planned a thousand times over; you’ll probably already know the key people you want to invite. However, you might need to take some time to decide who is invited to the day versus the night and the even trickier guest problems such as work colleagues and plus ones.

After already booking your wedding you will already have a rough idea of how much of your budget you are now able to spend on catering and your guest list may help determine how much you want to spend per head.

Book The Photographer/Videographer

Booking a photographer and videographer is another priority when planning a wedding. With experienced professionals in very high demand, it’s important to book both photography and video coverage at least 12 months in advance to avoid disappointment. If you already have a dream supplier in mind then you should consider booking them as soon as you’ve set a date.

Your Wedding Transport

Wedding transport has a key role in the success and planning of your special wedding day. It’s a good idea to investigate different wedding transport types early in the planning process, as well as booking well in advance. This will mean that you can find the best type of transport and chauffeuring to suit the theme and budget of your wedding.

Mini-Moon vs Honeymoon

A lot of newlywed couples are taking ‘mini-moons’ and they usually plan a mini-moon instead of, or as a prelude to a customary honeymoon trip. If you’re not clued up on what a mini-moon is, it’s simply a shortened getaway that’s around 3-4 days in a location that’s a quick flight away or even a short drive. Some couples visit log cabins, a quaint boutique B&B or camp out under the stars, whereas others jet off to far away destinations such as Spain or Dubai.

Mini-moons mostly come about if a couple desires to get away immediately after their big celebrations, but don’t have the money to spend on a costly honeymoon.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

We hope that our wedding checklist has helped you plan your wedding in some way, and we wish you the best of luck in your wedding. A wedding is a miraculous time for everyone involved and should be enjoyed from start to finish.

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